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What is Tantra Sastra?

The supreme being is Sat Chit Ananda.The most potential source of all is the atma.From Atma the Universe Emerges. It exists in Atma.It merges in Atma.All is known by five sence organs and mind.But mind cannot see the Atma.Any vibration of the mind is possible only by Atma.Vibration of mind is in two forms :

(1) Concept (2) Feeling

Since the mind cannot see Atma,the human being cannot imagine the supreme being.To facilitate worshipping the supreme being, the mind creates Iswara.That is the concept of the supreme being in some form. Thus the concept of god or iswara began.The supreme being is without form or qualities. So it is called Nirguna Swarupa.The supreme being with form and qualities is called saguna bhava or Iswara or God.Tantric Cult deals with the Saguna bhava of the supreme being. The way of worship of the supreme in reduced form for the blessings and benefit,consolation,peace and happiness,wellbeing etc are dealt with in Tantra Sasta.

The tantric literature is very voluminous. This has its origin from the day of origin of the prapancha.After pralaya ie,dissolution the three gunas emanated.They are rajas,sattva and Tamas.Their lords are Bhramha,Vishnu and Rudra.Their duty is to create,preserve snd destroy.This is just for the purpose of recognition of the Eternal Imperishable what is called Akshara.Akshara is that which is having no destruction out of which the 25 tatwas sprung up.Purusha and Prakriti,Mahat and Ahamkara are the tripods on which 25 tatwas rest.Five tanmatras,five Jnanendrias ,five Karmendrias and Manas(Mind) are the elements of these tatwas. Purusha is the inactive witness of all the tatwas and its Kriyas(Actions).Prakriti is sabda brahman and kundalini shakti and "saakarardha sharirini".This is known by the terms 'Maya','Avidya' etc.

Mahat is intelligence.Ahamkara is egoism.(I "ness").Out of five tanmatras panchabhutas which are pridhwi,ap,tejas,vayu and akasha tanmatras have sprung up.

Purusha | Prakriti | Mahat | Ahamkara
1)5 Tanmatras
2)5 Jnanendriyas
3)5 Karmedriyas

1) 5 Tanmatras -  Sabda,Sparsha,Rasa,Roopa,Gandha
2) 5 Jnanendriyas Twak,Chakshu,Jiwha,Ghrana,srotra
3) 5 Karmendriyas Vak,Pada,Pani,Paya,Upasta

There are 64 important different classes in Tantric literature.They are :

1) Sidheeswara Tantra 2) Maha Tantra 3) Kali Tantra 4) Kularnava Tantra 5) Jnanarnava Tantra 6) Neela Tantra 7) Phetkari Tantra 8) Devyagama Tantra 9) Uthara Tantra 10)Sreekrama tantra 11)Sidha Yamalam Tantra 12)Matsya sooktam 13)Sidhi saram 14)Sidhi saraswatham 15)Varahi 16)Yoginee 17)Ganesha Marshini 18)Nitya Tantram 19)Sivagamam 20)Chamunda 21)Mundamala 22)Hamsa Maheshwaram 23)Nirutharam 24)Kula Prakasakam 25)Kalpam 26)Gandharvam 27)Kriyasaram 28)Nibadham 29)Swatantra Tantram 30)Sammohanam 31)Tantra rajam 32)Lalitha Tantram 33)Radha Tantram 34)Malinee Tantram 35)Rudra Yamaham 36)Brihat Tantram 37)Sreekramam 38)Gavaksham 39)Kusumadini 40)Visudheswaram 41)Malineevijayam 42)Samaya charam 43)Bhairavee Tantram 44)Yoginee Hridaya 45)Bhairava Tantram 46)Sanalkumara Tantram 47)Yonee Tantram 48)Navaratneswaram 49)Kulachudamani 50)Bhava chudamani 51)Tantra deva prakasam 52)Kamakhyam 53)Kamadhenu 54)Kumari Tantram 55)Bhootadamaree Tantra 56)Nalinee vijayam 57)Yamalam 58)Bramha Yamalam 59)Viswasaram 60)Maha Tantra 61)Maha kulantanam 62)Kulo uddesa Tantram 63)Kubja Tantra 64)Yantra chintamani Tantra

The tantra is an everlasting science which leads you one to the ulmtimate Reality -the Aksharam.

The Prapanchasara Tantra and Sarada Tilakam are outstanding ones.Parameshwara Tantram, Kaleevilasa Tantram are said to be most effective in Kaliyuga.

The nature and application of Mantra The tantra satra deems Aksharam and the supreme.The sounds of alphabets comes from the 6 aadharas which are : Mooladhara,Swadhistana,Manipooraka,Anahata,Visudhi and Ajna. These are called chakras. Even though the basis of tantra is Nirguna Bramha,the ritualic way to realise the brahman is through Saguna Bramha.Saguna Bramha means by assuming a god which is supposed to have qualifications such as colour and other qualities of the supreme order. Shiva is considered Supreme. The all prevading universe of movable and immovable objects is formed into word and meaning by 50 alphabetical letters from 'A' to 'Sa'(Akaradi Sakarantham).This resides in the moon.The moon is the mind.The Nirguna aspect of shiva is called Purusha and saguna aspects belong to Prakriti.Prakriti is called Sakthi.From Sakthi 'Nada' comes.Out of Nada Bindu comes into existence.This has three components-Bindu,Nanda and Biju.Bindu originated Raudri and from Nada comes Jyesta.From Bija 'Vama' and Vishnu were emanated.They are called Jnana,Icha and Kriya-wisdom,will and action.These correspond to Fire,Moon and Sun.When Bindu divides there arises a sound in an unmanifested form. Sadasiva ->Isa ->Rudra ->Vishnu ->Brahman is the order of germination.The sabda Brahman assumes the form of Kundalini and manifests in the form of aksharas in all animate creatures and from these prose, poetry etc springs up. Shiva is one with Kala.From both sadasiva the all pervading witness of the Universe came. From Sadasiva Isa;From Isa Rudra;From Rudra Vishnu and from Vishnu Brahma came. From the supreme--Moola prakrithi and from that Mahatatwa,the aggregate of satwa,rajas and tamas originate.This is the cause of budhi.From Maha Tatwa emanes Ahamkara in three forms namely Vaikarika,Tarjasa and Bhutadi.Ahamkara originates ten gods of Vaikarika(Satwa). 1)Dik-Directiom 2)Vata-Air 3)Arka-Sun 4)Prachetas-Varuna 5)Aswins-God of medicines 6)Vahini-Fire 7)Indra-Rules 8)Upendra-Vishnu 9)Mitra-Sun 10)Ka-Creation by Bramha

From Tarjasa Ahamkara Mind and sense organs.Five principles of perception and five of action emanate in the order of combination.From Bhutadi Ahamkara(Tamasika) arise pancha bhutas.




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